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Commercial Short Sales Secrets

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I remember when this concept begin to come into focus.

It begin with an investor desiring to purchase a REO hotel property with no money.
The problem was this.

I had a 99% financing program but the borrower couldn’t put the 1% down. On the surface I thought is was just another undoable deal.

After revisiting the situation and considering my financing sources, I saw an opportunity to combine my financing program with the disdressed REO’s and created a new niche financing system for REO .

With this program, I’ve been able to develope a 100% financing system for REO properties with casn back at each closing.

Now I’ve created a new jount venture program and will work this system with a small group of investors. The only requirement for this training is that all the members must be investors. This program is not open to Brokers.

We will require a 20% equity position in all of the deals. I’ve elected to take equity in each deal in order to make this training available to more people.

Tell me if you would be interested in participating in this program?

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14 Responses to “Commercial Short Sales Secrets”
  1. Rio Garcia says:

    From A previous student…Heck Yeah!
    Hi Durante…I attended your first Top Gun Seminar in Atlanta.
    Life kicked in and got too busy to pursue…and actually lost $5000
    on a “fee” trying to buy 60 units…just as you predicted on
    a phone conversation you and I had back then…
    Ready to listen,learn,and execute from the master…Durante.
    Rio in Texas

  2. Terry May says:

    Yes I want to be apart of the group.

    What are the details and when can we start.

    Terry May

  3. oneal hodges says:

    yes i want to be apart of this program. i will be very committed to it. i talk to a couple banks . confirmed what durante said, brokers and realtors the game changed for you.

  4. Wayne Qualls says:


    Yes, I am interested in participating in this program, and I want to be a part of the group. Tell me what I need to do to get started.

    Wayne Qualls

  5. Ramon Pena Alvarado says:

    Ive been watching Durantes calls and webinars for several months. I believe this new opportunity is not just big…but MASSIVE. Im very interested. Count me in.
    Ramon Pena Alvarado

  6. Janet Barczuk says:

    Yes, Please count me in.


  7. Ellis Dandy says:

    Hey D,

    yes, I am very interested in participating in this program!


  8. Richard H Clark Jr says:

    Yes, I am interested and hungry.

  9. Robert Kim says:

    Mr. Parks, please keep me in mind for this. Very interested.

  10. Raul Aldama says:

    Mr. Parks,

    I’m very interested in participating in this program. Can’t wait to start.

    Raul Aldama

    PS. Just tell me to “Jump”, and I’ll say “How High! :)

  11. Bryan Glover says:

    Yes definitely very interested. Sorry not interested, definitely in, very in!

    Thank you


  12. Pam says:

    Yes, I am very interested in this program!

  13. Reabon Walker says:

    Yes, Count me in and thank you for all that you do.

  14. Shavawn says:

    Yes, this would be a great program and opportunity!

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