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Short Work Of Commercial Short Sales – Part II

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These are “Paper Capers”… Not Short Sales!

I’m really amazed at the response I’ve received  to the Commercial Short Sale Videos.
Actually, these are hard core “Commercial Paper Capers” on steroids….

This is the only system you need to master to get very wealthy FAST.
It contains all the key pieces…..

1. Solves a BIG problem that most investors have.
2. Doesn’t require much cash.
3. Can be done with 1 % down or even less.
4. Require no credit.
5. Big profits FAST!!!

If  you’ve watched any those video, do me a favor and tell me what you got out of the videos.

I’m having second thoughts about launching a new site.
I’m considering  scrapping the Academy and taking a year or 2 off.
What do you recommend I do?

Here’s what I need to know.

1. If you watched the Commercial Short Sale Videos, how did you like them?

2. What did you like about them?

3. How has the information effected you?

4. What other videos would you like to see or what other “problem solving products would you like”?

Be as detailed as possible….. I’m up to something….. BIG again…..

Talk back t me , I’m listening!

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4 Responses to “Short Work Of Commercial Short Sales – Part II”
  1. Robert Kim says:

    Top-notch stuff, Durante. I’ve never seen any material that comes close to teaching what you teach us. Last week, there was a big product launch with another commercial short sale package (DC and Karen) but I already know what they teach and it’s pretty much the same stuff I’ve seen before, just rehashed with their names attached. But your stuff is from a completely different viewpoint, namely the lender’s viewpoint, not just the investor’s viewpoint like everyone else teaches. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I enjoy watching others try to teach this stuff but without the knowledge you’ve given us. As for responses to your questions:

    1. If you watched the Commercial Short Sale Videos, how did you like them?

    They are great. I put the audios as MP3’s on my MP3 player to get a steady dose of your teachings everywhere I go.

    2. What did you like about them?

    They are direct and to-the-point. No fancy runaround or fillers, just direct, hard-hitting content. It’s a step-by-step cook book that tells us what to do with no vague or hidden information.

    3. How has the information effected you?

    It’s given me the confidence to make offers on properties I never would have considered before since I now know that the financing is available for the right properties. Because I know the financing is available, I’ve made offers on multimillion properties and am working on one now that has an appraised value of $38.8 million in Florida. Once I get past the gate keepers, I’ll submit a LOI with the confidence that the funding is there if they accept my price and if it passes my due diligence.

    4. What other videos would you like to see or what other “problem solving products would you like”?

    Several gurus have come out with CD’s and DVD’s of negotation techniques to use when talking with single-family house sellers and residential loss mitigators, but I’ve never seen a product that teaches you how to talk with directly with sellers and lenders about commercial properties. Maybe an audio CD and/or DVD on negotiations regarding commercial debt and properties?

  2. ONEAL HODGES says:

    1. the short sale video’s i loved them .. the time , thought, energy alone in these short sale video’s are breathe taking. now you do have to go and explore the opportunities and execute what you seen and learned.

    2.DURANTE once again you have signed, sealed and delivered what you promised . the short sale video’s are powerful information and very raw and cut to the chase . the short sale video’s are really a serious money maker if you use the strategies, and structure of the business. you can’t get that from no guru, or book. the short sale video’s will change me for ever by doing what im taught and learning from a master financier.

    3. the video’s have really jogged my mind and got some creative juices flowing from within. the information your bring and knowledge that you share its mindboggling. now DURANTE lets keep 100 which is if you dont use what you learn you are just wasting time, procrastinating. to much is shown and taught by you not to be successful. im very different in my thinking and looking at ways of financing deals.

    4. other video’s i would like to see more of breaking down the notes like you did from a-z . tell why you financed and structure those deals the way you explain in the video’s . also more on getting into the meat and potatoes of the deal . durante more or less its just a do thing no way around that. i would like to learn more of looking closely at the expense statements, cash flows of the deals. how to see if its cash flowing or losing cash flow. now if it has alot of vacancies and cash flow is short it has be in the expense’s which is high.

    DURANTE i appreciate you and what you done over the years , but me or us have to do our part to get the fruit form the tree ourself to see the other side of the equation. thanks oneal

  3. Bryan Glover says:

    To answer your question “How did you like them?”, or “What did you like about them?” is tough for me to answer.

    Since the audios and videos of this technique have been released, I’ve listened to them over and over. Several times each, I’m always getting something new out of them each and every time I watch or listen.

    The information is content rich and never fails to deliver something new to open ears.

    Yours is a unique combination of technique and motivation that compels one to watch your videos over and over. I feel that I’m the better for it, having come away with a feeling of empowerment for the future.

    In the video’s, the steps are all laid out for you to follow. They’re straight forward, and you’ve left us with a solid blueprint to act upon. This has made it hard to think of much else.

    This is a dynamic environment, what was once my focus is now shot, thanks!

    This new system seems pretty complete. So I’m not sure what other videos or products one could add.

    Although I might be echoing Bob a little here and this leans towards the acquisition side, maybe a video or couple of videos that explains why a particular asset was chosen out of the 300 possible bank assets mentioned in the previous videos.

    The occupancy rates were mentioned in the videos, but were there any other criteria you focused on when narrowing it down to 5 (approx.) properties?

    Also an actual recording of your bank conversations might be helpful for some people. Some might be finding the gap between what they currently do (or have done in the past) and these new skill sets as being too large.

    Hearing the actual conversations take place could take away that gap and anxiety. Possibly increasing your Fan (in the stands) to player ratio. But I know this leans towards a Dr. Phil moment. LOL….Just a thought.

    I stated earlier this environment we find ourselves in is dynamic. As such if you were to take a couple years off, this current environment would be gone. Some say this opportunity will never return again in our lifetimes.

    I don’t know, it is however very unique. One could work for the next two years and take the rest of their life off and retire. But you could probably do that already if you wanted.

    You appear however to genuinely want to help people reach for something better in their lives. For that, I know that I am grateful. I’m sorry I cannot recommend what you should do, for if I did, I know I would answer selfishly.

    Ultimately you have to do what’s right for you and your family.

    As for your being up to something BIG. Well you seem to always be up to something BIG. It’s in your nature. I suspect it always been that way since you were a little kid! LOL….I for one can’t wait!

    Thank you for all your hard work Durante’ it’s very much appreciated.


  4. Robert Kim says:

    My homework assignment from Durante’s webinar on May 16, 2010 (Sunday)

    1.Decide exactly how much money you would like to make.

    $1 million in equity and cash (about 60% equity and about 40% cash)

    2. Decide when you would like to get it.

    By July 31, 2010

    3. Select a market and a product

    Markets: SC, NC, GA, FL (Orlando and north of Orlando)
    Product: Multifamily apartment complexes and/or self-storage facilities

    4. Set a start date and an end date.

    Start: May 23, 2010
    End: July 31, 2010

    5. Take massive action-develop a plan.


    – Search as many websites as time allows, speak with as many brokers and banks as time allows.

    – Submit at least an average of 2 LOI’s a week for properties with recent appraisals, current financials, minimum appraised value of $3 million, and positive cash flow. Initial offers will start at 50% of the appraised values and not to exceed 65%.

    – Talk to more hard money lenders to find more true LTV lenders.

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