About Us

In 1983 , Durante Parks was informed by his accountant that he had a $6,000 bill. The accountant went on and informed Durante that this would be his new normal unless there were some changes made. The problem was that I didn't have enough deductions. He concluded with the following recommendations to eliminate this problem:  Start a family and have 3 or 4 kids OR purchase rental properties.

Durante' Parks elected to begin purchasing rental property and within a few months took a Robert Allen No Money Down Seminar that was taught by Carlton Sheets, and purchased 20 properties in 12 months while working a full time job. 

It was here that that it became apparent of his ability to connect dots and create simple systems and processes.

Then everything came to a sudden end when my banker informed me that I could no longer get any additional loans unless I would pay off some of my mortgages or get a cosigner. While navigating through this situation, Durante discovered the dark side of Single Family Home Investing.

This move forced Durante to move from SFR Investing to Commercial Financing And Investing. 

Over the next 6 months, he focused his efforts on locating funding sources and not properties. His concept was simple. Rather than locating properties and then searching for financing, Durante decided to secure the financing FIRST then bring the perfect project or property directly to the Lender that fit the lenders requirements. 

During this search, Durante' locate a private bank that managed a 3 Billion Dollar fund and began learning the finer points of High Financing   He worked with this private bank for several years and designed, and developed several financing programs for this trust. He designed several commercial financing acquisition programs based on specific financing models.

This private bank's required strict , confidentiality and privacy regarding it clients and transactions. This requirement placed a great limitation on what he could and could not discuss. His association with this Bank was so successful, that Durante' began working as a placement agent for the Bank and began brokering transactions via this private trust exclusively.  He was directly involved in a $3 Billion Syndication involving 4 banks and 3 investment firms. He served as a liaison for the trust and worked directly with numerous bank officers and presidents. Due to these associations and contacts, Durante' retired from active investing and begin using his talents, skills and resources to broker doable transactions using his programs.

In 2002, Durante' began developing several training programs for his apprentices . He now trains Master Financiers in the Building Multi Million Dollar Commercial Financing Home Business Systems

What's unique about Durante' is his ability to teach others how to implement his programs. Every detail is included.

In 2007, Durante integrated all of his commercial financing programs into a complete home business system. These new training systems consists of
The Science, The Business And The Art Of Commercial Financing.