There are 2 versions of the plugin.
A. WordPress Version: This version only works on WordPress Web Sites: Web Site Required!

B. Online Version: No Web Site Needed. Cloud Based Application: No Web Site Needed!

Difference In The Two Applications are listed below.

Version Comparisons

FDC PRO WordPress Plugin

  • Creates All 4 Documents
  • Can Down Documents As PDF
  • Save Documents To Server
  • Edit Documents On Server

FDC Cloud App 

  • Creates All 4 Documents
  • Can Down Documents As PDF
  • Can Not Save Documents To Server
  • Can Not Edit Documents On Server

Video Tutorials

1: How To Install The FAC Plugin

2: Review Of All The Documents 

3: The Consulting Agreement- Use This Document To Earn Consulting Fees

4: The LOI Document- Use This Document To Make Deals!

5: The Certification Letter -Use To Option Notes And Trigger Discounts

​6: Contractor Fee Agreement- With And For Lenders

7: The Master Course-Playing The Financing Game !

When To Use What ?

  • 1. Consulting
  • 2. Loi Creator

Use this document when you are performing any service as a Consultant or Broker and need fee protection or you need to specify what services you are performing to avoid any mis understandings and to clarify what is expected.

I recommend that you use a written agreement with any services you provide.

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